Building a modern detached house or a holiday home is a long and relatively complex project. In most cases, the design and construction of a house takes over a year and you need a large group of experts from various fields for the project. Typically, you draw up over a dozen contracts in the procurement phase of design and construction, while during the implementation phase, there may be several contractors from different fields working on-site at the same time.

Our Plusliving service is aimed at builders who do not want to or who do not have the time to take charge of managing a construction project. We offer a reliable and controllable way of implementing a construction project without the home builder having to quit their day job and give up their free time.

The Plusliving operating model can be found below on the left and a traditional operating model on the right. The dashed line describes the contractual relationship. In the Plusliving operating model, the home builder acquires the entire construction service with one contract. Our contract will also cover the management of contractors potentially hired by the customer themselves (side contractors).


We offer a construction service to the customers whose house we have designed. In this way, we can ensure that the implementation corresponds with what we have designed together with our customer.

We use partners who we know and who we trust. Operators who know each other and tried and tested operating models ensure that the quality of the end result meets our and the customer’s wishes.

We take comprehensive responsibility for the site. We will also manage contractors hired by the customer themselves. In addition, our service includes drawing up a site schedule, managing the site, occupational safety, and insuring the site during construction.

Our construction service advances in phases from the tender for a contract to the one-year inspection after the house has been completed.


We usually offer our construction service in two phases:

  1. Ready outside
  2. Ready inside

In many cases, a tender for a contract is made immediately after the sketching phase, at which point the design of the building’s interior has usually not been completed. Very few builders know the final interior material selections or surface finishings at the sketching or building permit phase. This is why we only offer indoor construction once the interior designs exist.

We draw up our tenders for a contract according to the TALO2000 (Construction 2000) contract limit classification, which defines all materials and work included in the tender. Our customers can compare the tenders they have received with the help of this classification.


We always draw up a written agreement on building work using the RYS1998 conditions of contract (general consumer agreement conditions regarding building work). Our responsibilities and those of the customer, the project and payment schedules and other conditions will be agreed in the agreement on building work.


During the construction phase, we take comprehensive responsibility for the site. Our service includes management of the entire site and scheduling for the duration of our own role in the construction project. In addition, we insure the site against any possible damage during construction.

In practice, some of the contractors are often hired directly by the customer themselves. These side contractors often include excavating contractors and HPAC contractors, for example. We take responsibility for the scheduling and direction of these side contractors too.  We are responsible for the schedule of the site and for ensuring that each operator is at the site when they are needed.


Commissioning a building and the related final inspection are procedures governed by the Land Use and Building Act. We are responsible for these obligations for our part and, among other things, collect the materials required for the building’s instruction and service manual, insofar as it is related to our role in the construction project.

During the design and construction phase, we maintain a project bank, which is shared with the parties of the project. We collect all designs, documents related to the construction and photographs of different phases of the construction in this folder, which is located in a cloud service.


Our construction service always includes a one-year inspection. A new building requires some time to settle down, and the users of the house need some time to learn things related to the use of the new building. In the one-year inspection, we check with our customer that the building functions in the desired manner. Correcting any deficiencies that may be found in the inspection is included in our agreement on building work.


Tender for a contract

Agreement on building work



One-year inspection