For most people, building your own home is the biggest and most expensive purchase of your whole life. We offer our customers both design and construction services which are divided into convenient parts and can be purchased easily in packages. Our aim is to combine high-quality architecture and the customer's needs in a functional entity.


Each plot is different and each customer has different lifestyle needs. We offer expert design services required for building an individual detached house or holiday home throughout the whole of Finland. In every project, a satisfied customer is the most important thing for us.

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Our construction service is perfect for those customers who want to spend their own time doing other things besides construction. We package agreed subcontracts and phases into an easily controllable entity. We take charge of the project from start to finish, cater for the necessary insurances, occupational safety and project management.

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Our range includes several basic solutions that we can tailor according to the plot’s characteristics and the customer’s needs. All our prefabricated houses are constructed from ecological wood-based materials and they meet modern requirements with regard to the breathability and moisture performance of structures.

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In our modern villa, every detail has been designed meticulously. The house has been placed perfectly among the surrounding nature and the indoor architectural solutions also enable accommodating visitors. We had the pleasure of working with architect Jani Lahti and site manager Jani Huoman during the construction project. Both were extremely professional and took our wishes to heart. They took charge of the whole project and we were extremely pleased with the service we received.

Sergey Khaesh (holiday home, eastern Finland)

Plusarchitects design elegant, tasteful houses with a special softness in their design. We are particularly satisfied with the appearance of our future home: the floating roof and the arrangement of the windows are perfect.

Paula Akkanen (detached house, southern Finland)

Plusarchitects is a service-minded and high-quality designer of modern Scandinavian houses who I can warmly recommend to others considering construction.

Janne Kalliola (holiday home, western Finland)

We were particularly pleased with how our architect was able to embed our villa into the hillside so that the rock at the back of the house is PERFECT in terms of height and location. Both the architectural design and construction have run smoothly. They do what they promise. <3

Tiina Kotka (holiday home, Turku archipelago)

The design philosophy of Plusarchitects seems to hold true. For them, constructing individual houses means actually designing each house to match the customer's needs, while utilising the opportunities the plot has to offer. Jani clearly has a genuine interest in taking part in the project from start to finish, and I personally appreciate how seriously he took to heart the ideas and comments from us, the customers.

Jenni Uusikartano (detached house, southern Finland)

Designing our villa was a comprehensive project and we even designed all the details, including fixtures and furniture, with Plusarchitects. All the designs were up-to-date and readily available, and our project progressed according to plans. Plusarchitects has strong project competence – they co-ordinated all the meetings with different constructors and were in control throughout our entire project, which helped our own work enormously.

Paula Kilpinen (holiday home, central Finland)